December 15, 2007

Chiranjeevi’s politics – Bloggers’ response

Chiranjeevi’s entry into politics had been a hot news in AP. Telugu media went agog for two weeks with the news with the lone exception of Eenadu. Many stories speculated in the media about the event, until it became a non-event after Chiranjeevi’s carefully worded, cat-on-the-wall statement.

Telugu bloggers, naturally, have shown interest in discussing this issue in the Blogs. Well known blogs like Sodhana, Krshnadevarayalu, Visakhateeraana, Fun counter, Jyothi wrote about the issue.

A new Blog by name Chiranjeevi Politics has come up, but with little content. Maunamela mitrama is another blog which took off with the Chiru issue.

It is notable that some Politics-regulars, who used to actively resonate to the political events, did not post about the topic. Chaduvari, Gunde Chappudu, Telugu Vadini are some of those.

I pick Krishnadevarayalu and Sodhana as the best amongst all. There were good discussions in these two blogs. Sudhakar, Ismail, Ravi vaijasatya, Asvin, Tadepally, Rakesh, Chaduvari, Rajendra and others have participated in the discussion. The discussions were healthy and opinions were mutually respectful.

Good job, folks! Keep blogging!!


P.S: There is one Telugu Blog which is Most-Unlike-of-a-Telugu Blog, – Nippulanti Nijalu. The blog is mostly about Film world and to some extent.. politics. The content is thought-provoking and the style is rebellious. Wonder why the Blog did not find a place in the Blog aggregators. Anybody listening!!?

December 9, 2007

All about Telugu Blogs


Telugu Blogs



Blogging in Telugu is more than three years old and serious blogging started about two years back. As usual for blogs in any language other than English, they are also isolated from the rest of the Blog world. Thousands of Telugu netizens still do not know that so much is happening in the Telugu Blog world. There is a yawning gap between the number of Blog readers and that of the potential readers. At the moment, it looks, there are more Telugu Blogs than there are blog readers. This is reflected in the number of comments that these Blogs attract. On average, a very good Telugu blog post attracts about 100 views and only two comments, a number which is far below that of a good English blog. Reason is clear:
People do not know that there is a thing called Telugu blog


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